May 14

Generally (with the exception of char) there are always two possibilities to call a constructor: primitve data type and String.

Therefore we can call the wrapper constructors also in two different ways:

Integer a = new Integer (23); // constructor-call with int-value
Integer b = new Integer (“23″); // constructor-call with String-Value

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May 07

first of all I have an overview for you:


primitive data type
wrapper class
arguments for constructor
boolean Boolean boolean or String
byte Byte byte or String
char Character char
double Double double or String
float Float float, double or String
int Integer int or String
long Long long or String
short Short short or String
void Void void

since Void is not relevant for certification I will not mention it in the next posts.

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Apr 28

First of all a short explanation about wrapper

wrapper take primitive data types  in an object.

Aditionally there is a wrapperclass for void which is not a primitive data type.

Advantages of wrapper are:

  • primitive data types can be taken in complex dta structures (containers)
  • primitive data type is capsulated through the wrapper class
  • functions are used to access the values as well as for transfer – functions

More … and especially examples will follow within the next posts

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