Oct 30

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Assertions Errors or shortly Assertions are code checks.

Let’s have a look on the following example:

Angestellter a = new Angestellter ();
Scanner s = new Scanner (System.in);


before Assertions, wrong values whould be checked in a similar way to this:

if (a.PersNr > 0)



System.out.println(“not ok”);

with help from Assertions this 4 lines can be compressed in one line:

assert (a.PersNr > 0);

Only in case assert-condition is not true, an AssertionError is thrown … and you know what is the best on it? You can enable and disable it with options -ea (on) respectively -da (off)!

For eclipse, it can be done eg in menu  File/Properties/Run-Debug-Settings/Edit/Reiter Arguments/ Field VM-Arguments:  -ea

The SCJP-DOS-relevant compiling I will explain later in more details.

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